Power BI Public Facing Government Reporting Showcase

Having previously worked for my local county government, we know the importance of transparency and open data.  Power BI offers a unique platform to allow our government customers publish existing reports and allow constituents visibility into data and analytics that impacts them where they live.

Based on feedback from our Community Call survey, there was a desire to get some inspiration from real world examples.  In our next community call we will showcase various reports that have been built for public consumption by our State and Local Government customers.     Examples will include Transportation, Public Health, Energy, Finance, Housing, Public Safety and Environment.  Time permitting, we will also showcase some of the demo reports that have been built over the last few years that incorporate public data that can be refreshed and updated on a regular schedule.   

Please join the Teams Live event on Jan 20th 10am PT (Noon CT/1pm ET) for this 30 minute presentation https://aka.ms/SLGPowerBICommunityCall


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