State and Local Government Community Calls

SLG Community

We hold an SLG Power BI Community call every other week. Below is a listing of upcoming and past calls.

Power BI Security Overview, Basics and Advanced topics

Watch the recording of the Community Call on our most requested security related topics.  This will include Workspace roles, App deployment, Row Level Security (including Dynamic RLS), Object Level Security and Sensitivity Labels.   There was not enough time to review workspace usage metrics and O365 logs for auditing purposes. So will leave this forContinue reading “Power BI Security Overview, Basics and Advanced topics”

Solving for slow running reports

We reviewed during our last community meeting how to run metrics to discover the health of our Power BI Premium environment.  We exhibited how to get metrics such as; average and maximum query durations, average query wait times, average dataset and dataflow refresh times.  So what if you have a long running query and/or usersContinue reading “Solving for slow running reports”


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