State and Local Government Community Calls

SLG Community

We hold an SLG Power BI Community call every other week. Below is a listing of upcoming and past calls.

Community Call Hiatus

Greeting State and Local Community Call followers! It is officially Spring and with the changes in weather, your dedicated Power BI Specialists (Cyrus and Danni) need a break for some much-deserved travel and vacation. For the next few weeks there will be no Community Call. Please keep an eye open for our next communication when…

March 23rd – Demystify and Explain Power BI Gateways

During this GCC Community Call we reviewed using Power BI Gateways to keep your data up-to-date with scheduled refreshes and/or DirectQuery/Live Connection.  We demonstrated how to install and set-up a Power BI Gateway, reviewing the features, best practices, monitoring and Government Community Cloud (GCC) differences. Link to Survey for this Event:

Power BI – All things Embedded

Looking to know all the options for embedding content? Knowing the differences between embedding Power BI content can be somewhat complex and nuanced. In this session we reviewed the following options including Power BI Publish to Web Embedded, Teams/SharePoint Embedded, Secure Embedded, Power Pages Embedded and Custom Embedded. We will also reveal what options are…

Live Power BI Examples – Feb 23rd Government Community Call

Session – “Think Bold with Business Intelligence” with dannio@microsoft.comThis 30 min presentation is for business/agency resources to get an overview of how other government agencies within the USA are using Power BIWe presented live examples from Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Law Enforcement, etc Audience: Business and Report…


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