State and Local Government Community Calls

SLG Community

We hold an SLG Power BI Community call every other week. Below is a listing of upcoming and past calls.

Power BI External Tools

In this Community Call we will have guest presenter Alex Powers present on external tools that can be used with Power BI to build data models and manage your development.  Alex will present Tabular Editor, DAX Studio and ALM Toolkit.  These may require Premium capacity or activation of the new Premium trial licensing. Please viewContinue reading “Power BI External Tools”

Power BI Premium Per User

Power BI Premium Per User trials just landed in our government community call, on this call we review how it works and demonstrate a use case that allows for exporting paginated reports into a public facing Blob so you can Automate (using a Flow) data exports to public facing consumers. Something that many of ourContinue reading “Power BI Premium Per User”


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