Power BI Hybrid Tables in GCC – Technical Deep Dive

For the most part, Preview features are not typically expected to land in our government community cloud, however recently released Hybrid Tables are now available for Power BI Premium users/capacity. 

In this Community call, we will showcased how real time data from Seattle Fire 911 calls can be seen updating a Power BI report using this new feature.  Data will be sourced from Socrata and copied into Azure Synapse which will also showcase how data can be incrementally imported from an ETL perspective using Synapse Pipelines.


Socrata URL Sample

https://data.seattle.gov/resource/kzjm-xkqj.json?$order=datetime&$limit=50000&$where=datetime> ‘2003-11-07T09:30:48’&$$app_token=YourTokenHere

Base URL https://data.seattle.gov/resource/kzjm-xkqj.json

Order By Datetime Ascending ?$order=datetime

Pull full 50K Limit with App Token &$limit=50000

Select Start Date of Query &$where=datetime > ‘2003-11-07T09:30:48’

Socrata App Token &$$app_token=YourTokenHere

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