Preview Feature Power BI Dataset Scale Out

Power BI Dataset Scale-Out, a dataset feature enabling enterprise customers to support large-scale Power BI solutions without any additional administrative overhead or infrastructure complexity. The idea is to let Power BI scale the number of dataset replicas and load-balance client connections dynamically to meet query processing demands at critical times up to the maximum available compute resources (vCores) of the underlying Premium capacity. During low-demand times, Power BI can automatically scale back to decrease the number of replicas again. In this way, enterprise customers can easily handle demand peaks in a cost-efficient and worry-free way and maximize their return on investment (ROI) in Power BI Premium compute resources.

During this call our Program Manager, Kay Unkroth, discussed and showcased Dataset Scale Out for our government customers who have invested in our Premium capacity technology.

Links and notes from the call:

For government cloud PowerShell login use the following environment flag Login-PowerBI -Environment USGov

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