Power BI Adoption Strategies

Community Call 4/14/2022

Link to Power BI Deck for this session https://powergi.blog/2022/04/13/power-bi-file-community-call-april-14-2022/
Link to Survey for this Session: https://forms.office.com/r/9cJnWg75Di
Link to Session Recording:

Directly from our survey results:

“Training on designing user adoption strategies to include more than just the technical components. This includes user engagement strategies for the many levels of user types in an organization, with examples of how this works in practice.”

During our session on 4/14/22 we reviewed adoption tools and strategies. Successful Power BI adoption involves making effective processes, support, tools, and data available and integrated into regular ongoing patterns of usage for content creators, consumers, and stakeholders in the organization.

Learn About:

  • People, process, data, and technology components of insights-driven business.
  • Center of Excellence
  • Power BI Adoption Maturity Levels

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