Guest Presenter : Kiefer Consulting Part 2 – Deployment Pipelines and DevOps in GCC

Power BI deployment pipelines enables BI teams to build an efficient and reusable release process for their Power BI content.

To achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of content, many organizations use various automation tools, including Azure DevOps.

In this session, Harkeerat Toor, Senior Consultant at Kiefer Consulting, will demonstrate deploying Power BI using DevOps. He will speak to the benefits and conduct a live demo.

The Kiefer team has experience in deployment pipelines and will share best practices in this technical session.

What to expect:

•             We will show you how to keep Dev/Test/Production versions of your Power BI reports in sync using a Government O365 demo environment.

•             We show you how to easily transition Power BI content using pipelines between Dev/Test/Production stages.

•             Pipelines can be built using the UI or automated by using an API. Harkeerat will explain this in his demo.

Git LFS:

Power BI Actions Extension (DevOps):

Pipeline Code:

Blog Tutorial with Service Principal setup:

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