Power GI: Empowering government with analytics and insights

Welcome to the Power GI blog! Power GI is not a misspelling, but rather a recognition that insights and analytics in the private sector (i.e. business intelligence or “BI”) are very different in the Public Sector. While much of the content in this site may be applicable to both commercial and public sector organizations using PowerBI; this site is dedicated to helping public sector organizations develop data cultures within their organizations and in the communities they serve.

In Public Sector we’re different. We have different drivers, goals, requirements and laws. We even have our own cloud for PowerBI (to be referred to as “GCC” or Government Community Cloud).

Official documentation of Power BI for US Government is relatively sparse. The purpose of this blog is to give Power BI Government customers all of the information they need to effectively evaluate, deploy and manage Power BI.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cyrus and Danni

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