Best Practices using PowerBI against Large Data Sets

Our next community call will be presented by Danni Olson who will be taking over the eastern region of the United States. Please view the recording hosted here

With the new volume, velocity, and variety of data that has been enabled by cloud computing it is important to understand how Power BI can perform at it’s best. During this session we will review best practices using Power BI with large data sets.

  • Understanding Data Models
  • Data Refresh Options
  • Tabular Editor
  • Investigate slow running reports

PS This topic was chosen based on community survey feedback! Thanks for the idea!

See link to presentation at this location: Best Practices using PowerBI against Large Data Sets March 11, 2021.pptx – Microsoft PowerPoint Online (


  1. Hi Cyrus,

    I am interested in this call. How do I attend on the 11th? Do I get an invite?

    Thanks, Karthik.



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