New Power BI Feature Availability in GCC

  • NEW Licensing Premium Per User – allows for Premium features at the user level.  Availability and pricing will be announced at Ignite. Because of this new license, customers can take advantage of many of the Premium only features listed below.   Currently available through an in product free trial Power BI Premium Per User FAQ (preview) – Power BI | Microsoft Docs
  • Enhanced Compute Engine and Direct Query of Data Flows – Previously those leveraging Power BI Dataflows only had the option to import.  With this new Premium feature, customers can directly query these dataflows and eliminate a refresh against these data sources. Premium features of dataflows – Power BI | Microsoft Docs
  • Large Datasets in Premium – While required for datasets to grow beyond 10 GB, enabling the Large dataset storage format setting has additional benefits. If you’re planning to use XMLA endpoint based tools for dataset write operations, be sure to enable the setting, even for datasets that you wouldn’t necessarily characterize as a large dataset. When enabled, the large dataset storage format can improve XMLA write operations performance.
  • Power BI Premium Gen2 – Power BI Premium recently released a new version of Power BI Premium, Power BI Premium Generation 2, referred to as Premium Gen2 for convenience. 

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