Performance Scorecards: San Francisco style

I am often asked for examples of how other cities and states are using Power BI so when I find good public examples I like to share them.

The City of San Francisco uses Power BI to power (some pub intended) their Performance Scorecards. Clicking on any of the eight service areas will take you to a summary page for that area.

Transportation Scorecard Summary

I like the format of the summary page. It’s clean and easy understand. The thumbnail graphs are from Power BI. Clicking on them will bring them into focus.

Clicking on one of the “measures” (hint: they are the underlined text) will take you to a detailed paged for that measure.

Measure detail page

In addition to the Power BI visual, the City provides a written explanation of the measure and its current status. They also provide links to additional information and the raw data.

This is a very good example of how Power BI can support transparency and openness in government. The Power BI reports were all done with the “Publish to Web” feature available to all Power BI Pro users.

Well done San Francisco!

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