Which Power BI Features are available in GCC?

In just about every conversation I have, I am asked “what’s the difference in Power BI GCC compared to the generally available commercial version?”. To help answer that question and provide organizations using Power BI GCC the information they need, I am tracking blog posts from the Power BI team and providing guidance on their applicability to GCC.

I have created a top level category named “GCC Features“, with sub-categories (in order of timing):

  • Feature Available” – These features are currently available in GCC.
  • Feature in Preview” – These features are in “Preview” in GCC. Note: features are subject to change anytime prior to becoming generally available.
  • Feature Coming Soon” – These features are being developed and are expected to be available (GA or Preview) soon in GCC.
  • Feature Planned” – These features are planned to be released to GCC, but no time-frame is available.
  • Feature Under Review” – The availability and timing of these features in GCC are still under review.

You can view all feature posts on the Power BI Features in GCC page.

If there is a particular feature you have a question about, please let me know and I’ll post an update.