Update on SLG Community Calls

The State and Local Power BI Community Call was born out of the need to present topical information to our SLG customers around the time when COVID began and in person events were not practical or even permitted.  As the pandemic has now wanned we are once again travelling to see our valued customers in person as time permits. 

As such, we wanted to announce that our State and Local Power BI Community Call will be put on permanent hiatus for the remainder of the year.  While both of us enjoyed delivering topics that were focused on the success of our government customers, we have concluded that many of the requested topics have already been covered by others who are industry experts in Power BI.   With the focus on delivering presentations in person in the upcoming year, the amount of time to prepare and deliver these webinars is no longer feasible. 

We will announce future Community Call topics via this blog as time and topics present themselves but will no longer have them on a bi-weekly basis. 


Cyrus and Danni


    1. Hey Patrick, I am working on doing a Power BI event in Austin in the near future. I’ll keep you updated with more details as scheduling takes place.


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