Power Bi Premium Gen 2 Metrics App for GCC/GCCH/DoD

Be aware updated to the Template App have been made so customers should update the app using the links below for the latest version. 3/23/2023

We have made available the Gen 2 Premium Capacity Metrics App for GCC/GCCH/DoD customers now that we have made this feature Generally Available.


Make sure to skip to step #3 after clinking the cloud specific template link below.

The following template app link will allow an admin to create the necessary workspace, reports and app for monitoring Premium Gen 2

GCC: https://aka.ms/USGovCapacityUsageReport

GCC High: https://aka.ms/USGovHighCapacityUsageReport

DoD:  https://aka.ms/USGovDodCapacityUsageReport

This should be linked in the service in the near future but distributing this now for customers who need metrics for this new feature release.

EDIT: Make sure that Install template Apps not listed in AppSource is enabled or user installing this app has permissions.


  1. Having issues with the new app. Connected successfully as I’ve chosen our capacity name in the dropdown, the dataset refreshes successfully (no errors so when I click to refresh the dataset) but I’m getting the pink error bar “There was an error when processing the data in the dataset” and the visuals other than the weekly trendlines all show a “can’t display the visual error”. Any suggestions?


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