Premium Capacity Metrics App for Gen2

As our government cloud does not yet have third party Template Apps, I have received the PBIX file form the product team to share with our government customers.

NOTE: Currently not yet supported for GCC High or DOD. ETA end of May 2021

The file can be downloaded from this location:

Publish this report to a workspace in your environment, make sure you are a capacity admin and it may help to have Power BI admin role too (has some complaints it might not work otherwise).

You will need to provide the following parameters in the dataset settings:

Capacity ID: Unique to every customer


Database: KustoDB

Days: 7 (start with this number)

UTC_offset: -8 (PST, or pick your location)

After setting the parameters do a Refresh Now, then schedule recurring refreshes based on your requirements.

Let us know if you run into any issues!

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