COVID-19 Reporting Community Call

Last week I kicked off the inaugural SLG Power BI Community Call. Cyrus Christian and I will be delivering these every other Thursday at 12:00 CST. They will generally be scheduled for 30 minutes. The topics will vary greatly and will be posted in the meeting invitation a least a couple of weeks before the meeting.

Our first topic was one that is front and center for many of us working in state and local government organizations; COVID-19 reporting.

I began by sharing a more advanced example of reporting that came from our AI for Health team:

I then shared a couple of examples that you (the community) have created and are using to communicate with your constituents:

Finally, I showed the COVID-19 reporting toolkit we released a couple of weeks ago: This is a great resource for access to reliable and current COVID-19 related data. The toolkit also provides a report template that you can use to quickly and easily create a reports.

Join us next week when my peer, Cyrus Christian, will present on Publish to Web features and ways to dynamically render those reports for you users based on screen size.

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