Coronavirus Q&A bot telemetry report

Azure Bots have become valuable tools for governments. Few things could highlight the value of bots more than the Coronavirus. With the surging pandemic, organizations have struggled to keep up with the volume of questions coming in via telephone, email and live chat. Many organizations have turned to bots to assist in interacting with their constituents and communicating in this very dynamic environment.

As bots are used, there is rich telemetry data that is captured on the backend that captures how the bots are being used, what questions are being asked, and how effective the bot is at responding to the questions it receives. This data can be very valuable if it can be presented clearly.

A peer of mine, Stan Novoseletskiy, used Power BI to report on the Azure Bot telemetry data. Take a look at what he put together: Azure Q&A Bot telemetry report. This is a great example of how Power BI can quickly turn data into insights. Thanks, Stan!

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