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GCC Status = “Available”

As it relates to most SLG organizations; the February 19, 2019, post discussing “Template Apps” was more of a renaming rather than a a new feature in Power BI. What are now being called “Template Apps” are essentially what were “Content Packs”.

Content packs, I mean template apps, can be great. You can discover the template apps directly from within Power BI or you can see information on the current apps here: The Office 365 Adoption Preview app is generally applicable to all SLG organizations. All you need is your tenant ID and admin credentials and the app will give you a rich report (and overly complicated dashboard) in minutes.

About the GCC Status

I listed the status as “available”; which technically is accurate. However, that just means that in Power BI GCC we have Template Apps. It is worth noting though, that not every template app that is available in the commercial cloud is available in GCC. And even if the template app is available in GCC, it may not be the same version. The best way to know for sure is to simply check your tenant.

If there is a template app that you think is missing, please let me know.

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